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Thursday, December 09, 2004

  Thursday, December 9, 2004

It is so hard to believe how this time has passed.

I now have a new home. Originally our desire to buy the new home was to have a space (extra) that was updated and ready to live in. We purchased (and sold our former house) within days of each other. The house is nice. However, due to my time-poverty, much of the unpacking is not yet complete. I do look forward to everything being moved in and our pictures up on our walls. Storage is still an issue, but that too will be solved in time.

I now am employed full-time. When I thought that I was working full-time last year, I quickly found out that I wasn't (full-time hours, but at part-time pay). Once the issues were all ironed out, I became a true full-timer. This semester I am wading into two classes of senior religion with my usual senior marketing. To add to the course-load is the development of a brand new course called "Planning 10". I am also excited by being allowed the chance to teach a specialized science program that will ready students for the provincial science exam in the new year. I am looking forward to the challenge. In the new year, when the marketing and science classes are complete, I am replacing these with two courses in grade 10 French, and two courses in grade 9 religion. I look forward to that time as well.

The extra-curricular this year once again took a great deal of my time, heart and emotion. I was working with the senior girls' volleyball team. They upset our rivals to win the Valley championships last month. Last week, we went off to Abbotsford to compete in the provincial championships where the girls played highs and lows to an eighth placing. I really enjoyed a lot of the work with the girls. However girls' sports have so many issues that are not always sport-solo related....whew, a break for now.

Alex is happy that I am home more now. He didn't mind hanging around the school, but even he enjoys seeing me from time to time at home. In October he and Jerry went East to a family wedding. Withing a couple of weeks I too had to fly East...for a funeral. It is such an odd feeling. I was so incredibly happy to be able to see my family...but at the expense of loosing one of our members. I will never look at family time the same way I am sure.

The winter has started to hit us. I hope this means that we will be actively involved in the season. We still enjoy our comforts, but the extra insulation we have acquired doesn't equal the need. We really want to do to decide which something that will be.

Well, I thought it would be important to get a hold of some of these things. Please write should you get the chance.

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