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Thursday, May 27, 2004

  It has been such a long time since I have been on here. Someone thought that maybe I had even been "kicked off", but I still maintain my site (sight?).

Now that I am back to working full time as a high school teacher, I have become very time poor. I was at the computer printing out student's work and thought that I would check out how the site was doing. There isn't a lot of change here, so I will try to update now and again. senior girls' basketball team won the 2004 city finals, valley finals, regional finals, and finally took the provincial title in March. The students raised so much money for breast cancer that there were many of us who were bald for sometime in October, November, etc. This year has been great working with youth again in subjects like senior Marketing, French, Humanities (Social Studies & English), Science and Learning Resource. I have used more of my school-learning this past year than in the past 20 years. It has really been invigorating.

Apart from the travel with the basketball team (many, many km and hours in busses, ferries and airplanes), I also went to Mexico with our school's Mexico Mission where we built 4 houses from scratch (really...from scratch...even the cement!!).

With the staff, we have done a great deal of professional development, hosting and duties. We are a small staff, so we keep very busy with our group of students and their many activities.

On the homefront, the boys have been fending well on their own. Sometimes I worry that they are fending too well. They are now active with tennis and baseball when they aren't off to chug a slushy or two (ouch Brain freeze!!). They love their TV and sports, so there is never a dull moment in their lives. My son is now into rock music. He listens to AC/DC none-stop and plays his own electric guitar every chance he gets.

He and I are off to the States in the near future. Mom is coming to see our new place for the first time. It will take her some time to get here, but it will be great to see her again. Then we are taking her home cross-country. I hope it goes better than those bad B-movies about family long distance field-trips.

The dog is still very much my best friend in the house. She and I share together every chance we get. She still holds to her routine even if mine changes around on her. She is the greatest...and my son loves to cuddle with her on her giant doggie bed. It is soooo cute.

Anyway, that is a bit of an ambiguous post for now. Hope to post again soon.

posted by wendy at 3:34 p.m.


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