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Saturday, January 11, 2003

  wee willy wonka

posted by wendy at 12:28 a.m.

Friday, January 10, 2003

  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

We haven't had much snow this year. According to the "natives" this is typical once every 3 or 4 years. I can't remember exactly when it happened, but one day last week or the week before we had some snow. Xdr and Jerry went out to shovel our precariously steep laneway. Xdr reappeared looking a bit off. His plans to augment his outside chore by lastly making a snow"person" were gone with the reality that the powder snow was not cooperating with his indulgence.

The next day, the snow was still outside and added to it was a mix of powder and slushy snow as the temperature was starting its climb up again. The sky was is 99% of the time here...and Xdr was more drawn to his new lego sets than any ambition of snow sculpting. On the way out to a store that day, he constructed a small snowball, lobbed it at me and we followed with wishes to soon not only get out with our mittens to make snow scultpures, but also start to use our membership to a local ski hill.

That day, within hours of returning with our groceries, all that remained of our snow was a small snowbank from the previous day's shovelling. Any white-ideas of skiing or sculpting were put into the back of our brains. To this day, we still don't have snow here.

However, the mountains around us are protected in a layer of clean, clear snow. We heard about a reputable second hand store which sells every winter gear from skis to snowboards and helmets. So tonight, we were fitted with our first pair of already "broken in" skis, poles, boots (my are the fancy four clip kind to allow for extra adjusting around my ever-broken ankle), bindings and three lovely, Canadian made helmets. Tomorrow we will get up and see what the conditions are like at "our" hill. If all is well, we will venture for our first trip into the mountains to ski downhill.

I am looking forward to getting up above the clouds. I have endured these cloudy days for far too long. Sun escapes through cracks in the cloud cover to reveal white mountains and bright sunlight way off in the distance. The clear mountain air will help to induce the ever necessary, yet elusive, lungs-ful of fresh, sleep inducing air. The family time will be good for all of us. So, tonight before we sleep, we pray to the snow gods to carpet the hills with powdery soft snow to cushion our falls and help whisp us off into the wonderful world of this enchanted outdoor life.

If however you don't hear from me soon....perhaps I will be either licking some wounds.....or perhaps I will be up on the hills rather in front of the computer monitor trying to express my daily thoughts and aspirations.....Who knows, maybe I will make a friend along the way.

P.S. Please feel free to comment where you see the word "poseurs" [I seem to continue to be experiencing some technical difficulties]

posted by wendy at 11:58 p.m.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

  Missing Kith and Kin while listening to "Kith and Kin Christmas 2002"

Well, it seems to be one of those days. The day started with all sorts of items "to do". I was able to get Xdr out the door on time. I was able to get him signed up for his first swimming lessons since we arrived a year and a half ago. I was going to arrange ski lessons for the three of us at the club...nope. Then I was going to get the rest of the jobs done at home...nope. Then I was going get the idea.

As much as the swimming and skiing are for this wee family's better health and quality time, it is also largely set as a hopeful plan to come up with some new Kith. Kith = friends. A month ago Xdr was invited to go swimming with a friend...he is frightened of swimming and he begged me to make up some reason why he couldn't go...ergo, swimming lessons on the go again. Another classmate had a Christmas party (sans my Xdr). Xdr was crushed as he had invited the people who were going to the Xmas party to his own party (birthday) just weeks earlier. Why don't people have Xdr to their place? Why don't we get included in their family parties too? A year and a half later we have invited kids for playdates and families for BBQs and dinners...only to not be invited back. This really does play havoc with my self-confidence as I am the most anxious hostess living as it is.

Back to today.....Instead of the "todos" I sat down to play some of my fun games (tetris, taipei, free cell, minesweeper, cruel and hearts), drink a coffee and listen to Trev's latest "Kith and Kin". What a talent he (and Barb) has to put together a really ecclectic set of music for all of their Kith (friends) and Kin (family). I love this disc as I try to understand some of his musical choices (why no C.C?) and listen intently to the wonderful lyrics and sound bits between. The only problem with this is that I realize the distance between us. I can write an email to Trev, but it isn't the same. I won't likely see Trev and Barb for sometime unless they can come out here. I miss sitting with them and having a discussion on recent authors, life choices, gossip and the like. Trev and Barb love Britain and I know that their bits and pieces are carefully saved up for their next trip east (not west). Yet I constantly live with the echo of reason (it was OUR choice to leave Ontario to come to BC leaving behind all Kith and Kin). Oh well...spiritually we are together daily...and thank you so much for blogs.

After that, I checked out my always-way-overloaded-with-stupid-spam hotmail for news from Ontario Kith (friends). One Kith of those fwd messages that they sent out to an "undisclosed" group of "friends". As lovely as the message was...I want to know about the person...what is happening? who is happening? etc. After I blocked out all of the spam addresses and deleted the Kith message, I was left with some odd subscriptions that I have. After perusing the one or two of these, I went into my mcleans subscription. Speaking of "Kith", I wanted to peruse this article. Now I am really depressed. Not only do I desparately miss my Kith....I also miss my Kin. The message in the article is that Kin are very scattered these days. Very true for us!! Scattered all over the place, the Kin make my life revolve. But what also caught me full stop was the article's point to the idea that Kin are being replaced by Kith. Friends are becoming closer to many adults these days as they "replace" their family (genetic..none-choice) with Kith (not genetic...choice). But I feel Kith-less and Kin-less...where does that leave me? Kelowna Kith aren't happening. Here for one and a half years and still so few Kith.

Christmas day my only "real" friend here was to drop around. Well we must have had our wires crossed as no one showed up...and then she was off to Ontario for the rest of Christmas and New years. Green with envy, I haven't contacted her since her return this past Monday. Also, I know that she is going to be far over her head in business "catch up" since her long vacation.

I dunno...I guess I am just lonely. Sad eh? Well tomorrow is another day. Maybe then I will get my "to do" done and then I can feel some sort of accomplishment. And as that t.v. personality would say, "And that is a good thing". Kith-less, Kin-less, but someday I hope to be "to do"-less. What did Ron Weasley say to Harry Potter when talking about Hermione...."She needs to get her priorities straightened out".

P.S. please feel free to comment where you see the word "poseurs" [I seem to continue to be experiencing some technical difficulties]

posted by wendy at 2:10 p.m.


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