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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

  It is "semi"-official!!!

I received the call today. I was offered, and accepted, my new job. I am going to be one of the teachers at Immaculata Regional High School.

At this time, it looks like I will be teaching junior French (mais oui), junior(?) History and Geography, and senior Marketing. I was a bit surprised by the French position. However, every time I go for a job, I am asked to teach French. The school is introducing a new program next I will be a newbie with the rest of the French staff (2 male teachers). The marketing course scares me a bit...but only a bit. I have always wanted to teach History (grade 8 = ancient civilizations up to, and including middle ages; i.e. Mayan, Japanese, Chinese, Europe, explorers, etal; grade 9 = first nations Canada and North America; grade 10 = Canada to confederation....oh, I was made for those classes), Geography = mapping skills, physical characteristics and human geography ... teehee, another one of my passions.

So I am very, very happy. Thank you everyone for the prayers and crossed parts.

I have cuts on my fingers but I am starting to think I may indeed get my art project done for Granny's birthday party.

Yesterday the shelving unit was finally mantled. I have cleaned up all of the paint splatters, cleaned the shelves and even started to get the clothes back in. I guess now that we won't have so many stacks of things on the floors, I may have to start cleaning the floors again.

Tonight Jerry and I solved the problem of the giggling china cabinet. A couple of weeks ago, with Aubin, we hauled the china cabinet from the dining room into the living room. We hoped the cabinet would settle better in the livingroom. In fact, the monster started to jiggle even worse than when it was in the dining room. Each pass-by meant that china clancked together and the whole unit seemed near to toppling. After watching Jon Eakes, I found out how we would have to fortify the floor. It was going to involve taking down the ceiling of the garage and doing some construction work. I was going to go at it (but with "Jim's" number at "Handyman Helper" nearby). In the meantime, we shimmed up the bottom of the cabinet, diapered the middle (you'd have to see my drawings to understand that part) and the unit sits fairly still. Hopefully when it is fully loaded again, we will not experience any further problems. Ok, maybe start crossing your parts for me again.

Now all I have to do is get Jerry's father's day gift, figure out what we are doing Friday through to my last day here on Tuesday, finish the art project, go through my book collection and purge some inventory for Barb and Brian, clean the house, pick strawberries at the farm, clean and freeze said strawberries, maybe make a strawberry pie or other dessert item, get some meals figured out for the boys (while I am gone...or else they will survive on that "other" Wendy's while I am away), do laundry and its other necessities, pack, clean up, etc, etc, etc. The librarian at the school has been wanting me to help with her inventory as well...oh yes, I better do that before I leave. Oh, and I need to get a teacher gift....well, I better get at these things now.

Again, thanks for your help. I'll need those prayers again once mid-August begins. If I remember, that is when the nightmares start about the class that gets bigger and bigger, while I try to keep my falling teeth in my mouth, and cover my bare naked figure just before the superintendent drops in for an unannounced inspection and the parents come at me with various weapons announcing their faith in their child and disgust with me....or something like that!!!

posted by wendy at 9:08 p.m.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

  God only knows!!

Well today I had my one hour (plus!!) interview for the high school history/geography/language arts/French/phys.ed. position that has opened at our local Catholic High School. For those of you who know me, this is a perfect fit. And catch this....each year they have a team of students and staff who go to Mexico to help build some houses for those who need them.

I wasn't actively looking for a position, but this popped up one Sunday in our church's bulletin. We're praying that God sends us in the right direction with this one (whichever direction). If you like, join the prayer chain. I hear from the principal on Wednesday. For those of you who aren't into praying, but you think I should get this position...cross your fingers, toes and anything else that is cross-able.

posted by wendy at 12:15 a.m.

Friday, June 06, 2003

  How Much do I Hate to Fill out and File Government Forms?

It is done. The beast is as tame as I can make it and it is ready to leave my place post haste.

I have been audited for payments I received during my sick leave. It has taken me HOURS of DAYS of WEEKS of work to find the necessary info that dates back more than 6 years ago!!! I hate filling out forms of any type, but this one just about did me in. However, now I know what time the birds start to wake up in my neighbourhood. I found out last night, and the 3 previous nights thinking, "This is the last night I will do this if it means I have to stay up all night to get it done."

But enough complaining about that.

The answer to my question..... <-This much---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {to quote a dear "friend" of my son's, "to infinity and beyond!!!!!">

Good Night All

posted by wendy at 9:26 a.m.


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