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Thursday, August 29, 2002

  Sir Elton;
I can now die.
I just finished a wonderful experience!!! Sir Elton John came to Kelowna. I was able to buy only one ticket. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, that was the beginning of this experience. I wondered about my seat (back side view of the stage?). Should I sell or should I hold onto the ticket? My dear, wonderful, very talented and concert-wise brother (this time I mean TJ ... Bri, you are my dear, wonderful very talented and bible-wise brother) convinced me that I should hold onto the ticket....and he was so right.

I sat a mere 8 rows away from Sir Elton. At first I thought the fact that we would see his back would be bad...but no, it was a wonderful musical experience. I could see his fingers fly across the keyboard and keep in time to the tapping of his left foot. I could tell that his first speaker kept going out on him...and the whole while, just to my right, a large screen played a mirror image of the front of Mr Elton. I could share in every expression on his face and lip-read any lyrics that I was never sure of. I watched the reflection of the keyboard across the front of his (normal-sized) rose coloured glasses. It was a night to remember. The seat was comfortable. I know I am getting old now when I enjoy the fact that the audience sat respectfully during the performances and stood or danced at the proper times. However, even if people stood or danced, my vision of Elton John was never blocked...I had no person between me, the aisle and the man of the night.

As the show was going on, I had an urge to write. I had taken along our local Westbank newspaper to read before the performance, and a pen (who knows...just in case an autograph could be had). Then, after the third song began, I had so many emotions swelling through every part of me, I knew I had to record my thoughts and experience. I will share the list of songs in a future blog...(I first have to clarify some of the titles....I swore he said "Little Dancer", but I thought the song was "China Dancer"..hmmmm). Maybe I will also fill in some of my observations with you as well. For as far as I am concerned, you were all there with me like we had been before. Even those of you who have never seen Elton live, you too were there....from my memories...from the emotions left from the memories as we went through life playing his songs as themes to our lives.

Tonight there were only two songs that I didn't yet know, so I guess I will still need to get out and purchase yet another Elton CD (not a hardship, not a necessity, but a definite need). He also spoke very kindly of Bryan Adams....heartfelt, not hocky encouragement of our own B.C. idol / superstar.

In the know what...I think Sir Elton John enjoyed tonight nearly as much as I / we did. He came across as an honest, true and real gentleman. He slipped in some musical humour (I don't think everyone "got it", but sometimes that is the fun part of a joke...right?), he highlighted his work with incredible creative pre- and post- melodic additions. He sang non-stop...ok, except for the wee bit at the end, before the encore, from 8:05 until 10:45. He didn't "bore us with detail" introducing songs, he introduced some well-timed lyrical or musical information, he didn't "show off" (in-your-face manner) his flamboyant nature prefering instead to introduce himself to this conservative town with the flare of a truly talented eccentric. And last of all, his show was "personal, up-front and intimate". I feel like I met a wonderful person tonight. Someone I know, like an aquaintance that is nearly my own "friend".

Okay I have gone on way too much but it really was a wonderful show and experience.

Personally, I needed this ...I dunno, ...."level" of excellence again. I don't mean to sound like such a snob. I really have been quite fortunate here and I have seen some fun concerts (AbbaMania, festival singers, 100 years of broadway), some well-tried drama (local theatre production of Evita), some fun and wonderful works performed by local friends Nathan and Pat and now I can add a great "city style" concert to the list. And this is only my first year here....what of the future?

While I was enjoying my show at Skyreach, Jerry and Xdr took in a fun concert at the island in the park. A local group played tunes from the 50's and 60s (with one tune each from the next two decades). The guys really liked that. The show was then followed by an open air screening of "Grease". One of Xdr's all time favourites....after "Adventures in Babysitting" which he watched 3 times today...ugh!!! Both shows ended at exactly the same time so we all hooked up immediately, "fought" the traffic across the bridge and made it home in less than 20 many concerts can you say you were able to fulfill the requirements of family so completely? It was a great night. Now I must get to sleep as tomorrow will come early with Xdr's ever-exuberant 6:30 a.m. rises....G'Night all.

posted by wendy at 12:43 a.m.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

  Thoughts on the sun:

My pale skin has been a magnet for the sun's rays since I was a child. After such a long, cloudy winter I have found such solace in its early arrival and late daily departure. However I am continually at war with the sun. I can't let it touch any part of my skin. Now, along with the red burn that instantly dries and colours my pale flesh is an accompaniment of small rashes. I love the sun!! I need the sun!! I want the sun!! Like a forbidden lover, its touch harms my outer facade although the soul yearns its sweet kisses and warm encompassing caress.

posted by wendy at 11:13 a.m.

Monday, August 05, 2002

  Who does the hoodoos?

Chilled air whisped past the windshield as we blinked between mini puddles of water vapour that with gravities flair for art pulled at the pools. I started to remember the paint swirling art I used to buy at the fair.

Hoodoos loomed to our right filled with holes. Inhabited by monks, minks or dessert birds who also felt it was too foolish to take on the day or simply abandonded mines of hobbits and their kin?

The smell of the used books created a desire to share, explore feel out the outside world. I needed a wee fire and a comfy chair paired with a lovely fruit tea. Alexander Batman book created an uncomfortable moment. While searching for the price...a "hustler" magazine fell out of the book and "BOOMED" onto the pine floors. I don't know which embarrassed me more; the sudden glaress from nearby customers or Alexander's rather loudly expressed exclamatory, "SeWeet".

sundance, horses, hoodoos, cactus, brown grasses and lots of skies filled with fluffy grey-black

posted by wendy at 1:30 a.m.


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