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Monday, June 24, 2002

  Since last we met....
The summer solstice has passed; my grandmother celebrated her 89 birthday!!!; my sister-in-law Barb celebrated her birthday; Xdr has ended his spring/summer session of both soccer and tennis; we have had another Koga meeting in rushed anticipation for this weekend's reunion.

Alexander's soccer season is split into two parts. The first, longer session started in May and ended last weekend. His team once again gained the lead against the Winfield team by a close 2 - 1 score. I am very proud of the team. The boys have accepted xdr into their fold with open arms. Yesterday's game was once again in the sweltering heat of the area (it was around 35 degrees C = @ 96 F) when they were playing at high noon. The sun was hot, but the Westbank Raptors were even hotter. Thank goodness the coach was cycling the team around in 5 - 10 minute bits. Our cousin Danny played for his team the whole time!!! I can't even fathom that. That evening, the Kogas came over to sharpen up on some of the details of the reunion...and now the panic clean / organize / complete is in full swing again.

Projects for today....put together my glass shelf so that all of my family photos can finally put out on display; give the picnic table wood its final sanding in preparation for the stain (today?, tonight?, tomorrow?); get some laundry caught up and call Adobe Photo. We bought a lovely scanner and photo system to complete the Koga calendar only to find out that the Photo program doesn't work!!! UGH!! However, if I get this much done today, I will be happy.

So in this state of preparedness for the next 2 - 3 weeks, my blogs will consist of these wee updates. I am doubtful that any true and mindful reflection will happen. However, you will be up-to-date on our affairs. Take care.

I hope Uncle Ron is feeling better (he left even though he had been sick)....stubborn Wilker trait. I hope Barb had a wonderful day to do whatever she wanted to do. I hope that Adobe can fix my computer problem. I hope that the sun stays out...but cooler breezes would be very much appreciated (at least at night). Thanks for reading.....hasta luego.

posted by wendy at 11:07 a.m.

Friday, June 21, 2002

  Trev, you totally rock. Thank you so much for the layout. I will talk with you soon to see what I can do to initiate your ideas.

Aunt Marion and Uncle Ron just left. It is so sad to see them go. I really miss the whole family so much but having these two around really brought a bit of home back for the days they were here.

Well, today is the first day of summer. I have to say that spring here has been so beautiful. We have had all of the fun things that summer offers (clear skies, high skies, warm air, long days and breazy nights). The native and cultured vegitation here is beautiful in spring. I understand that we can now have the "fun things" of summer begin. There will be swimming in the lake as each day the water gets warmer and warmer. There will be less bugs (even now there aren't many that "bug" you). The gardens....well...this is a desert here, so I won't try too hard to "manicure" mine. I will be getting some low water-native plants soon though. I really like that the house has ground irrigation already in. However, I can't justify using so much water to keep a desert garden looking like something from the damp west coast. Water is worth holding on to...

I have to talk about the weather. All winter I went on and on about our cold, cloudy, dull winter. We are so blessed. We truly are able to make that all back up in this season. The sun is brilliant. The trees are greener. The blues are much brighter and fuller. I love the vitamin D makes me very, very happy. Today, the longest day of the year. Kelowna is a.o.k. for me today.

Well, it is merely a week away. One week from today we will have the arrival of the Koga Clan from all Canadian parts east and west. Denise, Colleen, Mom Yamashita, Ken and Kevin will all arrive and start their days with us. Auntie Yukie, Uncle Shig, Mike, Charlotte, their three kids, Tom, MaryAnn and their two boys, Doug and Dan will round out the Sakaki crew up the way at Patti, Tom, Danny and Jamie's house. We are stacking up on toilet paper, coffee, and anything that will fit in the freezer. We are measuring the floor space and mattresses for optimum sleeping room. We are trying not to use the septic tank in the hopes that the upcoming onslaught of flushes and showers don't overwork our already overworked systems. We are pulling out the photos, looking for the "olympic wear", figuring out our "talents", connecting with the Koga Kommittees (BBQ at Yamashita's on Saturday eve), and running around like chickens with our heads cut-off as the family reunion draws near. Look out Kelowna...the Koga Klan is reKonviening....Koming soon

This weekend is also the lupus society's symposium. We too are running around raggedly. The tables need to be set up. Pre-ticket reservations have been much lower than previous symposiums (I don't think that is the true plural form...however...). The cast of doctor's dwindled a bit with the doctor's job action...but we have filled many places this time around with "alternative" medical options. I am looking forward to tomorrow...but the timing is completely off....oh well...

I best stop there for now.

Oh other "yipee" [semi-silently] silly RCMP out on the roads these days with their radar speed is really quite obvious Kananaskis is pulling in officers from all parts....I have a bit of a "thing" about these radar speed detectors. My wee van hasn't even hit 100 km in this area. Hellooooo...when you have a city of senior citizens, switchback turns around every bend, beautiful scenerey, great steep roads heading up, up, up...who speeds?

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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

  The day at a glance:
-wake Xdr up...
-discuss again that he can't take his cards (Spiderman collection) to school
-run home and clean, clean, clean
-run to xdr's school and work in the library
-collect him from school, Jerry from work and finish clean, clean, clean
-then.....Aunt Marion and Uncle Ron arrive.....yipee!!!!

posted by wendy at 7:21 a.m.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

  Ahhh Saturday morning.
Last night we had our first non-family guests over for dinner (ok, BBQ). For many people, that is a weekly or bi-weekly event. However, for me it is a challenge. I don't have any presupposed ideas that I have to "present" myself, I don't lack such depths of inability to communicate intellectually and I don't fear that a bad visit would alter my "self image" in any clear negative way although the idea of having someone over immediately puts me into automactic "must organize EVERYTHING" mode and impending STRESS. In the upcoming week or days I don't spend my time perusing cookbooks or cleaning windows. No, I find that my motivation and time becomes full of doing every other thing on my "to do" list. Of course, it is impossible to complete my "to do" list causing me to run around like the tazmanian devil of Saturday morning cartoon time, vacuuming, dusting and perusing cookbooks. It is a very bad habit that I have been trying to perfect my whole life. Why does this happen? Why am I so obsessed with wanting to finish everything else in my life just before an upcoming dinner evening or visitor. I really don't care for this habit much. I usually end up so wasted by the time of the visit. I don't feel like I get much done. And usually, the mess I create by stacking papers, hiding stacks of papers, throwing everything into a "hiding place(s)" creates such kaos later as I try to find hidden objects and papers in the weeks that follow until....someone else is coming to visit and I go back into the circle of "rife" again.

posted by wendy at 9:27 a.m.

Monday, June 03, 2002

  It's Monday morning still here. I have done all of my typical morning duties. These days, I am "training" Siana with morning van rides with Alexander to school. Siana, the only dog I know of, has a bad stomach and frequently gets car sick. Last week we started this new routine. We have had at least 6 successful runs. She now sits down on the back seat and even seems to enjoy the trip. Yahoo...maybe I will be able to take her out to the lake and other fun places this summer. I can't wait.

Today it is magnificent. Totally opposite to its winter cousin. The sky is clear. Where there were bare spots on mountains is fully filled in with green (which I understand will dry up soon....but this time of year is magnificent). The air is so sweet with the smell of Ponderosa Pines...or as xdr says "It smells like Camp Lutherlyn here all of the time".

Yesterday, my husband spent a good part of the day lugging old water out of our wee pond and started the waterfall up. I LOVE the sound of the water. The sound drowns out the obnoxious neighbours who live behind us (yes the same fools who tresspassed and cut down over a dozen of OUR trees). These people seem to enjoy taunting us by telling lies to their friends and family who visit every weekend. Anyway, I won't take on their bad is so perfect outside.

Yesterday too we bought xdr's new bed. While Jerry continued to prep the pond, Xdr and I headed out to JYSK (a Danish, much smaller, more crowded version of IKEA) to buy his new pine "big boy bed". This new bed is a loft bed with a small desk-top below. The new floor this will give Xdr is incredible. I hope it serves him he is quite the "prince and the pea" when it comes to sleeping (preferring only my bed !!!). After supper I unpacked the 3 boxes and counted the inventory. I studied the directions (a series of numbers and simple drawings...not written instructions) and mentally assempled the kit. With all of the wood around me I realized that these kits are just grown up playing blocks. We have already assempled 3 book cases for the family room and we have 2 other side boards in waiting. The side boards are necessary as we have so very little accessable cupboard space in our wee kitchen. So task is to attempt to assemble Xdr's bed. Last night he helped me do the ladder (which actually is steps 8 - 9 - 10). I hope the rest of the bed is easier to assemble as my hands still ache from just that little use of that handy Allen key....we'll see.

The roofers are around for day four. They should have our new tile finished today. We made a mistake with the colour. The roof is exactly the same colour as our wood siding. It makes the house look like a uniform sand mound....but our choice of colour was based on keeping the roof as cool as possilbe. The colour was called "new cedar" so it will just take us a while to get used to the "new cedar" look now that our "old cedar" shakes are down. I fell in love with the cedar shakes. However, just the few fires I am aware of seem much worse with their kindling on the very roof of the houses. I feel a bit safer with these laminated, fire-retardant, 30 year shingles. Hopefully the installation went as it should....the fake owl will once again be perched to scare away those nasty mocking birds (beautiful bird...but just a more aggressive scavenger than the black birds of the city).

I couldn't help but feel such weight in both of my sister-in-law's recent blogs. Barbara detailed a horrendous trip as flight attendant. I couldn't imagine what that Polish elderly lady was feeling. It just gives me goose bumps to think of that whole experience from both of your perspectives. My other sis-in-law Barb had a rather interesting weekend with a return to memories ranging from great joy to great satisfaction to great dis-satisfaction and great sorrow. I wish so much I could give you a hug on these days. I love you both very, very much. Look after yourselves.

Sadly I missed mass this weekend again as my priorities need some re-evaluating from time-to-time. Thank goodness my brother Brian is able to post his sermons. I haven't read yesterday's installation...but I will have to at some time soon. Trevor has been showing some incredible talent with the use of various cameras. I have got to take the time to view your piccies from your trip. You have a great eye baby-bro....

Well, I will keep my blog on today and add bits and pieces as I think of things to fill in. I must go and try my mental and muscle prowess on xdr's new bed. Wish me luck!!

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