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Monday, December 31, 2001

  Europe and the Euro:
I just watched live on BBC as the Euro was officially celebrated into the currency of Europe. New wallets, new money, larger coins. 300 million people from different currencies are into one. What an amazing (yet sad) affair. This event will make travel in Europe easier. For those of you who have travelled throughout Europe, the need to change from local currency to new local currency will be a thing of the past. Actual prices can now be compared without having to engage in the higher values of math (thank goodness). Sadly it puts the fun of collecting and using notes from different countries. I still have some of my lire from my very first overseas trip to Italy. I feel that some of the "cultural" aspects of local currencies will be lost. I was amazed at the ingenuity of some countries' notes which "magically" showed the face of historic or political leaders. Now faces like Mozart and places like the collosium will be the ways of distinguishing each countries' Euro (no magic through the simple, overt, cast forms).

What a neat year I think this will be for me and for my family. I like the number. It is the last time in my life (if I have thought this out well) when I can remember the number as being the same backward and forward. The last time that happened for me (1991) was a great year. I started into many new life experiences with my marriage to Jerry and the start of teaching in my new county. 2002 is a mystery to me. No plans that we have planned for the end of 2001 have come into fruition. In the day-to-day discover, I have found a dizzying redirection in everything in my life from a house move to the search for new jobs, church, friends. Even with my math-phobia and fear of gaging things by "betting on the averages", I think that I can predict that 2002 will be a year of renewed balance. It has to be...2002...equal, balanced, book-edded, somewhat perfect. So for those of you around for 2112, the next year of balance, enjoy...these "fun numbered" years don't come around every day.

posted by wendy at 3:51 p.m.

  Now we are entering 2002. Although I feel quite "western" in so many aspects of my new life here, I feel the need to celebrate 2002 with my central kith and kin (Trev, that is such a good phrase). Some intraspects from the past and today:
Argentina, War, and Britain:
In 1981, I lived in Mexico. My walk to school took me past the downtown of the city I lived in, Each morning, paperboys yelled out the headlines for the day in anticipation of luring purchasers from the centre. One morning, while walking to school...shouts of "War" "World War III is beginning" "Our War to end all Wars". I was confused and terrified. In the weeks that passed after that day my life in Mexico changed completely. I wasn't only a visitor, I now was a participant. At school, the philosophy teacher preached of the evils of Britain and its commonwealth. My time was now spent trying to understand why Britain was at war with, as the teacher said, "our southern brothers and sisters in Argentina". A fight for islands...Falklands or Malvinas?...I was in a foreign country at war against a country I considered "royal cousins". That was a new beginning...

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Sunday, December 30, 2001

  Hello family and friends. I have chosen this format to update and tell you a bit about what is happening in our lives. We often find ourselves repeating information or worse, not letting everyone know what is happening by omission. Barb and Trev have inspired me to try this out. Changes will happen of course...the first of which will be the "format" of this page. I thought it was rather funky and "partridge family-esque", but so far, for me, it is annoying and too complex.
It was great to be able to spend so much time talking with many of you on the phone over the holiday. It was also great to meet and re-meet many of Jerry's mother's side of the family. If things go well, we will all see each other again (somehow). Sacrifices needed to be made before we started this adventure. If we were to measure our direction much like a blind scale holder, we would not be able to decide whether we are weighing in more on the "for" or "against" direction of this action. Time and will are all within the plan to help the scale weigh out in balance again.
"Balance", "beginning" and "burdens" have been the "b" words for this year. The new year opens ahead a chance to reflect back, on today, and into the future.

posted by wendy at 9:57 p.m.

  "In the beginning". These words have started many stories as well as "Once upon a time". I hope to be able to blog my stories of the past, present and the future. Some items will be full, lyrical or void and gibberish, but I hope in all the passings of times, I will be able to say what I feel so that family, friends and others of common feeling can read, know and retell with "it's true. It happened to a friend of a friend of mine..."

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